Grad Student Positions

Are you considering grad school, and have an interest in urban evolution andprofile ecophysiology?

Check out the University of Guelph Newman Lab Opportunities page, home of the
CitiSci(urid), and soon to be many other CitiSci initiatives as we tread into new taxonomic territory.

If landscape genetics and local adaptation are more in line with your interests, check out these MSc/PhD positions in the University of Manitoba Garroway Lab studying the genetics behind grey squirrel  adaptation to urban environments.

rare Squirrels


CitiSci(urid) just finished a productive week of trapping and tagging at the rare Charitable Research Reserve. The rare Charitable Research Reserve is a 900+ acre land reserve along the Grand and Speed Rivers, on the outskirts of Cambridge. Their goal is to preserve the land for future generations by focusing on research, education, conservation, and ecological restoration. As a large island of green in the midst of urban and agricultural sprawl, and with many public access hiking trails, the rare property is certainly worth a visit.


The rare ECO Centre (pictured) is the hub of science, education, and outreach on the rare property.


CitiSci is a Citizen Science research initiative rooted in the Newman Lab at the University of Guelph which seeks to enlist the aid of the local community in monitoring marked urban wildlife populations. Help us as we strive to better understand the wildlife with which we share our cities. Urban wildlife is here to stay and it’s better for all if we understand our feathered, furred, and finned neighbours.

Check out our projects to learn more about our research and how to get involved.