Instructions for Submitting Squirrel Sightings

We have an associated iNaturalist project where we will collect all of your observations of tagged squirrels.  This information will help us understand grey squirrel territory size, habitat use, and keep track of who lives where.

Step 1: Visit the iNaturalist website.

Step 2: Follow the website’s instructions for creating an account.

Step 3: Click on the “Projects” tab, and type “citisci(urid)” into the search bar.Step1

Step 4: Once on the project page, click “Join this project” in the upper right-hand corner.Step2

Step 5: Read through the terms and agreements page, and click “Yes, I want to join”.Step3


Step 6: Once back on the project page, you can submit squirrel sightings to the project by selecting the red “ADD OBSERVATIONS” tab. Once selected, iNaturalist will walk you through the steps to filling in the required information.

Step 7: Save and submit observation.

Observations of the same squirrel may submitted at whatever frequency participants would like (i.e. multiple observations of the same squirrel can be submitted within a single day).